Emergency Care


Emergencies never happen at a good time, so in the unfortunate event that your child is involved in an injury, please know that we are available to you at all times.  If an emergency occurs during office hours, please contact our office immediately, allowing us to address your child's needs as soon as possible. The doctors on staff are on call 24/7, and will meet you at the office anytime, any day. 

The doctors can be reached after hours by calling the office and speaking to a live operator, which will connect you with the doctor on-call.  The office number to call is (402)434-3367

Examples of several emergencies that must be seen ASAP:

1.  Injury to teeth resulting in fracture to the jaw bones and/or tooth itself.

2.  Pain or any Signs of infection occurring within the oral cavity that is tooth-related.

3.  Injury to the teeth resulting in a repositioning/misalignment of the teeth.

4.  Uncontrolled bleeding resulting from an injury.

Please be reassured that in the event of an emergency, our staff will work quickly and proficiently to assess and care for your child.  Our main goals are two-fold: the well-being of your child and the respect of you.